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Google celebrating its 14th Anniversary today

The online search guru “Google” which is answer all your queries and promotes your business across the globe, is celebrating its “14th Anniversary” today. 14 years ago two “Standford University” students – Larry Page and Sergey Brin brought in a concept to change the world of interent users. The google has posted a new doodle

Tips for Start Blogging

When people hear the word blog/blogging from you the next they want to know more about it. People now-a-days make their online presence to be recognized globally by having a personal blog. In this article I will give some tips needs to be considered for starting a blog. As I said, blog will makes your

Why is blogging necessary?

When you ask this question to anyone or to yourself, you must have understood what blogging is? As I said when I started blogging I didn’t what is a blog, as time passes and I came into world of Internet I came to know the power of blog. I would first share my personal experience

How to Start Blogging?

I have come across people asking “How to Start Blogging?” The answer to this question is very simple, Blogging is something you wish to say or spread knowledge you have in todays online world. Where to blog? Blogging is taken up by many people now-a-day. People start of with free blogging service which is provided

Facebook turns eight

Happy Birthday Facebook, the most popular social networking site, has turned eight. The estimated active users on the site can be counted above 845 millions and still continues to expand, expected up to 1 billion by this year. Also, as per Indian User base, it has doubled since last year. The Facebook was launched on

Department of Information Technology to handle tendering process for ‘Aakash’

There is official statement stating tendering process for rolling out the improved version of the world’s cheapest tablet PC, Aakash, will be handled by the Department of Information Technology The step was taken to sort out differnces between IIT Rajasthan and Datawind, the manufacturer of the tablet PC, over the issue of enhanced specification demands.